Why ELT International?

English is an international language. The general consensus among linguists today is that 75% of the world’s English language users do not come from countries where English is the primary language (e.g. U.S., UK, Canada, Australia).

The linguists offer us delightfully complex discussions about the differences among terms like “World English,” “World Englishes,” “English as a Lingua Franca,” “English as an International or Intranational Language,” “English as an International Auxiliary Language,” and on and on.

These discussions are fascinating and I think teachers and young research scholars should be aware of them, but, meanwhile, we have to teach.

English is an international language. I created ELT International to share ideas and materials that help teachers update their pedagogy to include this reality.

Typical teacher resource sites often go no farther than simple suggestions of “what do I do in my classroom today.” ELT International will go farther and deeper, while still keeping recommendations and ideas grounded in real world practice.

I have trained hundreds of teachers and worked with dozens of research scholars. My goal with them and with the users of ELT International is to help them access high quality information and materials so that they begin to develop their own critical pedagogy.

Explore this site and you will begin to develop new ideas about why you teach the way you do, and you’ll learn new methods that you won’t find on typical sites.

My stance is that nobody owns English and there’s no one right way to speak it. There’s no one right way to teach it either, but there are some practices that I’ve found to be extremely effective – practices that address the complex issues associated with English becoming an international language. ELT International is my first completely freelance site where I’ll share these effective practices.

Dee Broughton is the creator and editor of ELT International, StudyDo.asia, and VidyaBLOG.com. She’s the author of Bridges: Activities for Thinking, Speaking, & Writing English and Bridges to Academic Writing and the creator of the StudyDo design. She is an English language educator, editor, and materials designer. More of her work can be seen through her gateway site. She can be contacted via email.

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